Pre-School - Grade 000

Hedgehogs Class

3-4 Years

As your child transitions from being a toddler to a preschooler our Grade 000 Hedgehogs class is the perfect place for them to grow and blossom. We cater for children who are three turning four years old.


Here children will be exploring the world around us, discovering new and exciting things through active investigation and learning the valuable social skills needed to build friendships and interact in groups. We love to encourage their creativity and give them opportunities to invent and build, and let their own unique light shine!


In the Hedgehogs class we focus on the core learning areas of developing language and speech, numeracy and early mathematics concepts, developing their fine and gross motor skills to the point where they can become independent, and enhancing their social and emotional skills.

Daily Schedule

Arrival & Skill

School opens. One-on-one skill development, and structured activities.

Pack up & Toilet Routine
Outside Free Choice Play

Outdoor Free Choice Structured Play (sand, water, sensory, gross motor)

Greeting Ring

Our Morning Ring: Greetings, Prayer, Class Songs, Rhymes, Colours, Shapes, Numeracy and Literacy

Snack Time
Toilet Routine
10:00- 10:30
Outdoor Free Choice Play

Outdoor Play Options, including Water, Sand, Sensory and Gross Motor

Ring Time & Activity

Whole Class Ring Time Led by the Teacher, Covering the Lesson for the Day and Activity

Toilet Routine
Story Time
Pack Up Time / Indoor Play

Indoor Creative, Fantasy, Cognitive or Block Area

Assembly (Wed & Fri)

Stars of the Week and Bible Story

Home Time or Aftercare

Parents to fetch children from the door

Our Playground