Bunnies Class

2-3 Years

The Bunnies Class is the happiest, fun-loving place for your precious little ones. We create a nurturing and loving environment and provide each child with the individual attention they need to thrive.

We incorporate several core learning activities into our daily schedule. These include numeracy and literary skills, fine and gross motor development, and social skills.

Our main aim is to instil in each child a desire to learn, develop and grow. We encourage each child and help them reach the milestones for their age.


Great news, parents! In the Bunnies Class, we help potty train your child and cheer them on.

Social & Emotianal Development

Social and emotional development is also a core part of the Bunnies Class. We offer a variety of activities that help your child develop essential life skills such as cooperation, communication, emotions, making good choices and problem-solving.


In addition, we have the opportunity to learn about God and Christian values such as honesty, love, joy and kindness. We also love to assist your child in developing important values such as good manners, sharing and taking turns.

Daily Schedule

Arrival & Free Choice of Activities at Home Base

Creative (painting, drawing, colouring, tearing, sticking, playdough)

Cognitive (puzzles, threading, lacing, block play, books, puppets)

Fantasy (dolls, dress up, play kitchen)

Greeting Ring

Our Morning Ring: Weather, Days of the Week, Counting, Shapes, Colours, Songs, Devotion & Prayer, Toilet Routine

Outside Free Choice Play

Bikes, Climbing, Balancing, Swings, Water Play, Sandpit

Toilet & Snack

Movement & Music

Drama/Puppet Show

Developmental Play

Discussion Theme for the Week (Language, Numeracy, Life Skills)

Outside Free Choice Play

Bikes, Balancing, Swings, Water Play, Sandpit

Toilet Routine & Pack

Pack School Bags, Story, Songs, Nursery Rhymes 

Home Time or Aftercare

Our Playground